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The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set

The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set
This is a must have for any Beatles fan or music collector!
The Beatles have released their complete, newly remastered vinyl collection in The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set. All of their classic records have been beautifully remastered using the most meticulous vinyl mastering processes. The albums are accompanied by a stunning, elegantly designed 252-page hardbound book in a lavish boxed edition which is limited to 50,000 copies worldwide.

USA Vinyl Box Set
UK Vinyl Box Set

Scrabble: The Beatles Collector's Edition

Buy the Beatles Scrabble
UK Beatles Scrabble
USA Beatles Scrabble

Now you can bring home John Lennon's only non-Beatles performance in a feature film.

How I Won The War DVD
John Lennon stars in his first film performance in this hilariously surreal collage of battle footage and one-liners lampooning the absurdity of the war. Michael Crawford also stars. How I Won the War Special Edition comes with a Commemorative Photo Album, which features behind the scenes photos from the film. The feature has been remastered for this DVD release with supervision from Richard Lester (Director), and John Victor-Smith (Editor).

How I Won The War - Special Edition plus Commemorative Photo Album
How I Won The War (USA Link)
How I Won The War (UK Link)

Lennon NYC
Lennon NYC
Lennon NYC is the story of one of the most famous and influential artists of the Twentieth Century, and how he found redemption not in the public adoration he craved as a youth, but in the quiet and simple pleasures of fatherhood. Lennon NYC tells this story with never before-released in-studio recordings, concert film only recently transferred to HD, and a trove of Lennon/Ono compositions, some in versions previously unheard. It also contains interviews with those closest to Lennon.
Lennon NYC (USA Link)  Lennon NYC (UK Link)

Nowhere Boy DVD
"He's a real Nowhere Man...". Sam Taylor-Wood directs this adaptation of Julia Baird's book which recounts the childhood of the greatest recording artist and songwriter the world has ever known: John Lennon. The film, which is based on the book Imagine This: Growing Up With My Brother John Lennon is about Lennon's teenage years and his first steps to stardom and focuses on the influence his Aunt Mimi and his mother Julia had on his early life, and his friendship with future fellow Beatle Paul McCartney. British actor Aaron Johnson plays Lennon and Thomas Sangster plays Paul McCartney. Kristin Scott Thomas plays Lennon's aunt Mimi and Anne-Marie Duff plays Lennon's mother Julia. As well as the original critically-acclaimed film, the DVD and Blu-ray release of Nowhere Boy includes an array of bonus features. These include the director's audio commentary and several exclusive features, including Lennon's Liverpool and the re-creation of the Quarrymen.

Nowhere Boy DVD
Nowhere Boy DVD (UK Link)  Nowhere Boy DVD (USA Link)

John Lennon Remasters
In commemoration of what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday, EMI have released eight of John Lennon's classic solo albums along with rare and unreleased recordings, that have been digitally remastered from John's original mixes. These remasters mark the launch of the Gimme Some Truth campaign that will include special events all around the world. The highlight of this campaign is the new John Lennon Signature box set, which is a deluxe 11CD collection including: Digital remasters of 8 of John Lennon's studio albums, 1 bonus disc of singles not featured on these albums, 1 disc of studio outtakes and home recorded demos never before released, a 65 page book, and a unique commemorative John Lennon print, all in special presentation box. Including 3 new and very personal essays to John from Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and Julian Lennon.

USA Link
Browse all John Lennon albums here

UK Link
Browse all John Lennon albums here

CA Link
Browse all John Lennon albums here

Trivial Pursuit: The Beatles
How well do you know John Lennon and The Beatles? Now you can show off your knowledge by running through over 2,500 fab questions from six categories covering two decades of everything Beatles - including their history, music, movies, album and single releases, their rise to fame in America and their post-Beatles pursuits. There's a challenge for every fan as players rock-n-roll a unique Beatles die to determine the question level: easy, medium or hard! And a customized game board totally rocks with an all-new bonus track that creates more strategy, more interaction and more Beatlemania as players enter different zones including Come Together, All You Need Is Love, Get Back and Ticket to Ride. It's a game you will want to play Eight Days A Week!

The Beatles Trivial Pursuit game

Trivial Pursuit: The Beatles (US Link)  Trivial Pursuit: The Beatles (UK Link)

The Beatles Collector's Edition Monopoly
The Beatles Collector's Edition of the Monopoly game provides Beatlemaniacs and music fans the opportunity to create their own private anthology of music by collecting Beatles albums including Abbey Road, Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Great fun for any Beatles family!

Beatles Monopoly game
The Beatles Monopoly (US Link)   The Beatles Monopoly (UK Link)

The Beatles Remasters: Clear and Perfect
The Beatles Digital Remaster USB Apple
Limited Edition Beatles USB Apple

Amazon has slashed its prices off all the Beatles albums!!
Amazon.com  Amazon.co.uk  Amazon.ca

About The Beatles Remasters
Is this new box set really worth getting? Are these newly remastered Beatles CDs really that much better than the old Beatles CDs that most Beatles fans have been listening to for the past 20 years? In a word: Yes.
I don't think people realise just how poor the sound on the old Beatles CDs was. These new remasters reveal new details and allow all of the glory of this music to be heard as it was meant to be heard. I suppose it's like watching a film in HD after you had only see it on an old VHS tape.

The Drums
Perhaps the biggest difference can be heard in the drums. On the old CDs, Ringo's drumming was often buried in the mix and difficult to hear. Now you can really hear the drums so much more clearly and they become more of a part of the songs.
The Bass
Probably my favourite thing about these new remasters is how much more well defined and fuller the bass sounds. This is great, because Paul McCartney's bass parts on most of The Beatles songs were absolutely fantastic. McCartney is the greatest bass player of all time and you can hear his amazing playing more clearly than ever before on these new remastered CDs.
The Vocals
The remastered vocals are purer, more natural-sounding. The Beatles had a lot of harmonies in their music, and now finally with the remasters you can hear each part of those harmonies clearly. You now know if it's John, Paul or George singing. They sound so good!

Which to buy?
In my opinion the albums Please Please Me and With The Beatles are best heard in their mono versions. On the remastered mono they sound much more fuller, it's as if you are in the Cavern listening to The Beatles playing live! The rest of the albums generally sound better in the new stereo. However, Revolver and the White Album sound so much more different in mono, that they need to be heard. For the Beatles novice and first time buyers, The Beatles Stereo Box Set is a must. It is the most popular box set. But, for the true Beatles fan both box sets are essential to appreciate the subtle differences in each song.

All the Beatles remastered albums, including the Stereo and Mono box sets are available from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.ca.

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