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John Lennon Filmography

Here is the complete list of John Lennon's films, arranged in chronological order.

A Hard Day's Night 1964 bff

Help! 1965 bff

Eat The Document 1966 d (A documentary about Bob Dylan's european tour of 1966. It includes a scene with John and Bob together, filmed 27th May)

How I Won The War 1966 ff (John plays Private Gripweed in this anti-war film, directed by Richard Lester)

Magical Mystery Tour 1967 b tv special (John wrote songs for the film and contributed ideas)

Yellow Submarine 1968 ba (John wrote songs for the film, contributed ideas, and made a brief appearance at the end)

Yoko And Me, December 1968 ag (A short black and white film, featuring John and Yoko)

The Bed-In, May 1969 ff (A film about John and Yoko's 2nd Bed-In, Montreal, Canada)

Let It Be 1970 bff

The Rolling Stones Rock 'n' Roll Circus, 1968 tv special (John performed 'Yer Blues' and Yoko 'Her Blues')

Smile [No.5.] 1968 ag 52 minutes (The first of John and Yoko's avant-garde films)

Two Virgins 1968 ag 19 minutes

Rape 1968 ag (Starred Eva Majlata)

Rape.2. 1969 ag

Diaries, Notes and Sketches 1969 d (John appears in the documentary)

Honeymoon 1969 ag

Self Portrait 1969 ag (The controversial 42 minute film, centered on John's penis rising from a flaccid to an erect state in slow motion)

Give Peace A Chance 1969 ff 61 minutes

Toronto Peace Festival (Sweet Toronto), 1970 c (aka Keep On Rockin', and recorded on 13th September 1969, but released in 1970. It marked the debut performance of the 'Plastic Ono Band')

Up Your Legs Forever 1970 ag

Fly 1970 ag (Starring Virginia Lust and a lot of flies. The flies explored her naked body)

Apotheosis [Balloon] No.1&2 1969 (The first of John and Yoko's avant-garde films, in which John took charge)

Freedom Films 1971 ag (One directed by John and one directed by Yoko)

Erection 1971 ag 18 minutes

Clock 1971 ag 60 minutes

Dynamite Chicken 1971 ff (John and Yoko appear in this colour film discussing their Bed-Ins)

The Irish Tapes 1971 d (John underwrote and provided some music for the documentary)

Working Class Hero 1971 d

Oh Calcutta 1972 ff (This 100 minute film, featured a sketch written by John, called 'Four In Hand'. It was about group masturbation and was based on John's own teenage experiences)

Ten For Two 1972 ff (concert film from the Chrysler Stadium, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 10th/11th December, 1971)

Hanratty 1972 40 minutes (John produced and directed the film, which called for an enquiry into the A6 murder case in Britain)

One To One 1972 c 48 minutes (concert film from Madison Square Garden, 30th August, 1972)

Imagine 1972 ff

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John Lennon Videos

Ballad Of John And Yoko
This video of the Beatles single, featured scenes of the Beatles in Twickenham studios, London (January 1969), and of John and Yoko at a number of locations (March/April 1969).

Give Peace A Chance
The July 1969 single, was accompanied by this video, filmed when John performed the song during his 2nd Bed-in. It was recorded in room 1742, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Canada. (Sunday 1st June 1969).

Apart from John and Yoko, also singing were;
Kyoko (Yoko's daughter)
Tommy Smothers (comedian)
Murry The K (DJ)
Timothy Leary (counter culture guru)
and his wife Rosemary,
Petula Clark,
Derek Taylor,
a poet,
a rabbi,
a priest,
the Canadian chapter of the Radha Krishna Temple,
and fifty or so fans.

Cold Turkey
The October 1969 single was released with this video featuring a mixture of chaotic scenes from the Montreal Bed-In and the Sweet Toronto concert.

Instant Karma
The promotional film released by Apple which accompanied this February 1970 single, featured various clips of the Lennons.

John and the Plastic Ono Band, appeared on the B.B.C's Top Of The Pops television programme twice that month, to promte the single.

The first edition was broadcast live on 11th February 1970, and featured John playing the piano and singing a new vocal to the song. Yoko was blindfolded, holding up cards with various slogans written on them.'Smile' 'Peace' 'Hope', etc.

John, Yoko, Mal Evans, Alan White, and Klaus Voormann, on BBC Top Of The Pops.

Happy Xmas (War Is Over).
A short film of the recording of this single was made on October 31st 1971.

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John Lennon Pseudonyms

John Lennon loved to make up names, which is apparent in his books, 'In His Own Write' (1964) and 'A Spaniard In The Works' (1965).
His most frequent use of the pseudonym was in recording credits. John Lennon holds the world record for recording pseudonyms, (Guinness Book Of Records, 2010).

1. Dr Winston O'Boogie. ( ' Mind Games ' album, 1973 ).

2. John F Lennon.

3. Joel Nohnn. ( anagram of John Lennon, with 1 'n' missing. John used this name, on Yoko's songs ' Move On Fast ' and ' Is Winter Here To Stay ', 1973. John plays guitar on both tracks ).

4. Fred Zimmerman.

5. Johnny Silver. ( although John denied using this name ).

6. John Green. ( John used this when he was travelling ).

7. Mel Torment. ( on the track ' Scared ', 1974 ).

8. John O'Cean. ( John used this name, on Yoko's songs ' She Hits Back ' and ' Woman Power ', 1973. John plays guitar on both tracks ).

9. Mr Winston O'Reggae. ( on the track ' Steel and Glass ', 1974 ).

10. Dr Winston.

11. Dr Winston O'Ghurkin.

12. Reverend Thumbs Ghurkin. ( on the track ' Old Dirt Road ', 1974 ).

13. Reverend Fred Ghurkin.

14. Booker Table And The Maitre D's. ( on the track ' Beef Jerky ', 1974 ).

15. Captain Kundalini. ( on the track ' What You Got ', 1974 ).

16. Dr Dream. ( on the track ' # 9 Dream ', 1974 ).

17. Dwarf McDougal. ( on the track ' Nobody Loves You, When You're Down And Out ', 1974 ).

18. Jock Lennon.

19. Johnny Rhythm.

20. Mr. Leslie. ( whilst travelling with Cynthia Lennon ).

21. Hon. John St. John Johnson.

and the WALRUS.

John Lennon's Bands

Complete list of John Lennon's bands, arranged in chronological order.

Black Jacks. (March 1957)

The Quarrymen. (April 1957 - 1960)

Johnny And The Moondogs. (October 1959)

Long John And The Silver Men. (1959)

Beatals. (1960)

The Nerk Twins ( Lennon / McCartney ). (23/24 April 1960)

Silver Beats. One night only. (14 May 1960)

Silver Beetles.

Silver Beatals.

The Beat Brothers. (22/23 June 1961)

The Beatles. (1960 - 1970)

The Plastic Ono Band. (1969 - 1974)

The Plastic Ono Band was a concept for an imaginary band. John used it throughout most of his solo work, inviting other musicians to join him in recording or live performances. The band took on many different names:

The Flux Fiddlers.
Invisible Strings.
Elastic Oz Band.
Little Big Horns.
The Philharmanic Orchestrange.
Plastic Ono Supergroup.
Plastic Ono Mothers.
Plastic U.F.Ono Band.
Plastic Ono Nuclear Band.


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