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Lennon Legend DVD is a wonderful collection featuring John Lennon's greatest songs on original video, in short films and music videos. Some are very familiar while others will be new to many Lennon fans. The set includes the classic "Imagine" clip, which begins with a haunting scene of John and Yoko walking through an early morning fog and concludes with Lennon's performance in the all-white room. More rare is a Top of the Pops live performance of "Instant Karma" and a wonderful film accompanying "Mind Games," in which John Lennon clowns around Central Park, playing with kids and dancing. "Woman" is a montage of the last days and hours of Lennon's life, while "Watching the Wheels" is a compilation of home movie footage from the star's semi-reclusive Dakota years. Extras include a live "Slippin' and Slidin'," and a startling bit of "Julia" absentmindedly picked on guitar. This is a must for any John Lennon admirer.

Imagine The Film: John Lennon comes from a treasure trove, the legendary musician's own collection of more than 240 hours of film and videotape, much of it never seen by the public. With cooperation from Yoko Ono in its creation, producers David L. Wolper and Andrew Solt (partners on This Is Elvis) transform the archival footage - and a monumental 36-tune soundtrack - into a spellbinding account of a complex, fascinating man. Lennon's own voice narrates a classic film biography. Travel through John Lennon's fascinating life with his music and art as a background to this great film.

Beatles Anthology The documentary material is copious, including early performance films and tapes, at the point before they found their true voices. The actual Beatlemania years, beginning in 1963 and concluding in 1970, feature extensive performance films, as well as home movies and archival material. The best parts, of course, are the interviews with the Beatles themselves, who produced the entire thing. Along with reworking two previously unreleased John Lennon tracks as "new Beatles songs," the Anthology includes some unseen Lennon interview tapes so that his acerbic voice can be heard as well. This stands as a comprehensive document of that heady period, the second coming of rock & roll, as the Beatles took what Elvis had started and expanded upon it exponentially. The tapes give a solid sense of the historical context and the way these four musicians changed the world around them in the 1960s.

The Beatles London is a detailed investigation of the legendary group. Presented by Richard Porter, founder of the London Beatles Fan Club and author of the 'Guide to the Beatles London', the program takes the viewer to the key Beatles' sights of London, such as EMI Studio, the crossing at Abbey Road; Beatles' homes in London; Decca Studios where the Beatles failed their audition and much more.

The Beatles: Rare & Unseen A must for the serious Beatles collector. Tony Barrow - the man who guided The Beatles through the sixties writes the sleeve notes. There are elements in here that you won't see on Anthology. The earliest footage of the band, the only footage of them in Scotland, the only home movie of them shot by the band in Jersey , colour film on stage in Paris. Also some of the best interviews ever, with the likes of Phil Collins, Steve Harley and Len Goodman, plus Tony Barrow, Tony Branwell and Norman Smith, and you have an entertaining 90 minutes. For real Beatles' fans this is as perfect as it gets.

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UK John Lennon DVD


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