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Essential listening for John Lennon fans:
Browse all John Lennon albums here John Lennon's solo albums and singles have been digitally remastered for the first time, along with many rare and previously unreleased recordings.


This list has been extensively researched and is continually updated.

Every song John Lennon wrote is listed here, from his early songwriting days with the Quarrymen, through his Beatles and Solo careers. This list contains all his demos; the songs he co-wrote; the songs he gave away; and the songs that were never released. This is the complete list of John Lennon's music.

If you have any comments, additions, or alterations you wish to make, please leave them here.

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A Hard Day's Night bfi
All You Need Is Love b
A Day In The Life b
Any Time At All b
All I've Got To Do b
And Your Bird Can Sing b
Across The Universe b
Ask Me Why b

And I Love Her bfi 50/50

Annie bd
All I Want Is You bd
A Case Of The Blues bd
Across The River sd

Aisumasen, I'm Sorry s

Angela s ( Lennon / Ono )
Au s ( Lennon / Ono )
Attica State s ( Lennon / Ono )
Amsterdam s ( Lennon / Ono )

A Nice Noise (aka, Sean's Loud) ( John / Sean )


Because b
Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite b

Baby's In Black b 50/50
Birthday b 50/50
Baby You're A Rich Man b 50/50
Because I Know You Love Me So b 50/50

Bad Finger Boogie bd
Brian Epstein Blues bd
Backwards Speech bd
Breakdown bsw

Bad To Me bdga ( Recorded by Billy .J. Kramer )

Beatles Christmas Records (1963-1969) b (L/M/H/S)

Bring On The Lucie, Freda Peeple s
Bless You s
Beautiful Boy, Darling Boy s
Beef Jerky si
Borrowed Time s

Boys And Girls sd
Baby Make Love To You sd

Bed Peace s ( Lennon / Ono )
Baby's Heartbeat s ( Lennon / Ono )


Come Together b
Cry Baby Cry b

Christmas Time, Is Here Again b (L/M/H/S)
Cry For A Shadow bi ( Lennon / Harrison )
Chi Chi's Cafe bd ( Lennon / Starkey )

Can You Dig It bd
Child Of Nature (aka, On The Road To Marrakesh) bd
Christmas Comes But Once a Year bsw

Cold Turkey s
Crippled Inside s
Clean Up Time s

Cookin', In The Kitchen Of Love s ( Written for Ringo Starr )

Cambridge 1969 s ( Lennon / Ono )

Call My Name sd
Club Dakota Rap sd
Central Park Stroll sw


Do You Want To Know A Secret b
Day Tripper b
Doctor Robert b
Don't Let Me Down b
Dear Prudence b
Dig A Pony b
Dig It b

Drive My Car b 50/50

Dirty Mac Jam i ( Lennon / Clapton / Mitchell / Richard )

Dear Yoko s

Do The Oz s ( Lennon / Ono )

Down In Cuba bd
Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy bd ( Lennon / Starkey )
Dear John sd
Don't Be Crazy sd


Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey b

Eight Days A Week b 50/50
Every Little Thing b 50/50

Eat The Document sw
Everyone Had A Hard Year bd

Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Talking sd
Emotional Wreck sd
Everybody sd


Free As A Bird b sd

From Me To You b 50/50

Flying bi (aka, Aerial Tour Instrumental) (L/M/H/S)
Flying Backwards (L/M/H/S)

From A Window ga 50/50 ( Recorded by Billy .J. Kramer )

Forgive Me, My Little Flower Princess s

Fame s ( Lennon / Bowie / Alomar )

Free The People sd
Fortunately sw


Good Morning Good Morning b
Glass Onion b
Goodnight b
Girl b

Getting Better b 50/50

Gary Crimble sw
Grapefruit Excerpts sw

Grow Old With Me s
Give Peace A Chance s
Going Down On Love s
Give Me Some Truth s
God s

Goodnight Vienna s ( Written for Ringo Starr )

God Save Oz s ( Lennon / Ono )

Get It Together sd ( Radio Ad )
Girls And Boys sd
Gone From This Place sd


Help! bfi
Hey Bulldog bf
Happiness Is A Warm Gun b
Hello Little Girl bq

Hold Me Tight b 50/50

He Said He Said bd
Hold On (I'm Coming) bd
Happy Rishikesh Song bd
Happy Christmas to Ya List'nas bd
How I Won The War fsw ( On the single 'How I Won The War', John repeats 1 line from the film )

Hold On s
How? s
How Do You Sleep? s
Help Me To Help Myself s

Happy Xmas, War Is Over s ( Lennon / Ono )
Here We Go Again s ( Lennon / Spector )

Here You Are, You Are Here sn ( Lennon / Nilsson )

Happy Christmas sd
He Got The Blues sd
Howling At The Moon sd


It Won't Be Long b
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You bi
I Should Have Known Better bi
I'll Be Back b
If I Fell b
I'll Cry Instead b
I Call Your Name b
I Feel Fine b
I'm A Loser b
I Don't Want To Spoil The Party b
It's Only Love b
In My Life b
I Am The Walrus b
I'm Only Sleeping b
I'm So Tired b
I Want You, She's So Heavy b

I'm In Love bdga ( Recorded by The Fourmost )

I Want To Hold Your Hand b 50/50
I Wanna Be Your Man b 50/50
I'll Get You b 50/50
I Saw Her Standing There b 50/50
I've Got A Feeling b 50/50
If You've Got Trouble b 50/50

I Fancy Me Chances bd 50/50
I'll Wait Till Tomorrow b 50/50

I'll Keep You Satisfied ga 50/50 ( Recorded by Billy .J. Kramer )

It's for You ga 50/50 ( Recorded by Cilla Black)

I've Just Fallen For Someone ( Written with Johnny Gentle )

I Apologise sw ( John's apology for his comments about Jesus Christ, August 11th, 1966 )

I Need A Fix bd
It's Not Too Bad bd
I Want You bd

I Sat Belonely sw

Imagine s
Instant Karma!, We All Shine On s
I Found out s
I'm Stepping Out s
I Don't Wanna Sleep Alone sd
I Don't Want To Face it s
Isolation s
It's So Hard s
I Don't Want To Be A Soldier Mama, I Don't Want To Die s
Intuition s
I Know, I Know s
I'm Losing You s

India sd
I Watch Your Face sd
I Ain't Got Time sd
I Promise sd
It's Real sd
Illusions, Not For Love Nor Money sd
I Don't Want To Lose You (aka, Now and Then / Miss You) sd
I'm Crazy sd
I'll Make You Happy sd

I'm The Greatest s ( Written for Ringo Starr )

Incantation s ( Lennon / Cicala )


Julie b

John's Piano Piece bi
Jessie's Dream bfi
Just Fun q 50/50

Jealous Guy s
John Sinclair s
Just Like, Starting Over s

J.J sd
Just Gotta Give Me Some Rock 'n' Roll sd
Jammin' With Kyoko (1970) sd
Jock And Yono sw

John And Yoko s ( Lennon / Ono )
John Ono Lennon 2 s ( Lennon / Ono )
John And Yoko's Happy Christmas Ditty s ( Lennon / Ono )

Jamrag ( This track was included on John's 'Some Time In New York City' album, 1972. It was actually recorded in June 1971, when John performed with Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention, at the Fillmore East, New York. When John released part of the concert on his album, he changed the title of the song from King Kong to Jamrag, a British slang word for a sanitary towel, and wrongly credited the song to Lennon/Ono. It was actually a Frank Zappa song. )

Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand b 50/50 ( German Version - I Want To Hold Your Hand )

Keep Looking That Way qn 50/50


Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds b

Love Me Do b 50/50
Little Child b 50/50

Los Paranoias b 50/50

Long Black Train qn
Looking Glass qi 50/50

Lucy From Littletown bd

Love s
Look At Me s

Life Begins At 40 sd


Misery b
Mean Mr. Mustard b

Michelle b 50/50
Magical Mystery Tour b 50/50

Madman bd
Maharishi Song bd
Mother Superior Jumped The Gun bd
Magical Mystery Tour Improvisations bd
Mellotron Music #1-9 bdi

Mind Games s
Meat City s
Mother s
My Mummy's Dead s
Move Over Ms. L s

My Life sd
Mirror Mirror, On The Wall sd
Make Love, Not War sd
Memory (aka, Memories) sd
Mr. Hyde's Gone, Don't Be Afraid sd

Mucho Mungo ga ( John intended giving this song to Jesse Ed Davis in 1974. However, when Harry Nilsson was short of songs for his Pussy Cats album, which John produced, John gave Nilsson this song )


Not A Second Time b
No Reply b
Nowhere Man b
Norwegian Wood, This Bird Has Flown b

Nobody I Know ga 50/50 ( Recorded by Peter & Gordan )

Negro In Reserve bd 50/50

National Health Cow sw

Nutopian International Anthem s
New York City s
# 9 Dream s
Nobody Loves You, When You're Down And Out s
Nobody Told Me s

No Bed For Beatle John s ( Lennon / Ono )


One After 909 qb
One of the Beautiful People bd

Only People s
Out The Blue s
One Day, At A Time s
Oh Yoko! s

Old King Wenceslas sw
Once Upon A Pool Table sw
One Of The Boys sd

Oh My Love s ( Lennon / Ono )
Old Dirt Road s ( Lennon / Nilsson )


Please Please Me b
Polythene Pam b

Pantomine: Everywhere It's Christmas b 50/50

Pinwheel Twist bn 50/50
Piano Songs bd

Power To The People s

Peace Song sn ( Lennon / Ono )

Pill sd
People sd
Plastic Ono Band Jam sd
Pop Is The Name Of The Game sd

Phil & John 1 - 3 sw



Quarrymen Originals (Lennon/McCartney)

Hello Little Girl
You Must Write Everyday
I Lost My Little Girl
Love Me Do
You Know I Love You
The One After 909
I'll Follow The Sun
Some Days
Winston's Walk
Thinking Of Linking
Looking Glass
The Years Roll Along
Keep Looking That Way
Well Darling
That's My Woman
That's The End
Just Fun
You'll Be Mine
Too Bad About Sorrows
When I'm Sixty-Four
Hot As Sun
I Don't Know
I Don't Need No Cigarette Boy
Turn The Mixers Off
An Important Number
Quarrymen Instrumentals


Rain b
Revolution b
Real Love b sd
Run For Your Life b
Revolution 1 b
Revolution 9 b

Ringo's Theme ( This Boy ) bfi
Rocker bi (L/M/H/S)

Rockin'/Rollin' (Singalong tape)

Remember s

Rock And Roll People sga ( During the recording of Mind Games, 1973, John made several demos of this song. However, he decided to give Johnny Winter the song to record. It first appeared on the album John Dawson Winter III )

Radio Play s ( Lennon / Ono )
Radio Peace s ( Lennon / Ono )

Real Life sd

Rock Peace sn


Strawberry Fields Forever b
Sexy Sadie b
She Said She Said b
Sun King b

She Loves You b 50/50
She's Leaving Home b 50/50

Sie Liebt Dich b 50/50 ( German Version - She Loves You )

Spiritual Regeneration/Happy Birthday bd 50/50
Someone Nice Like You bn 50/50

Sgt Pepper's Concentric Groove Sounds And High Pitch Dog Alert b

Suzie Parker bd

Shirley's Wild Accordion bin
She Can Talk To Me bd
She's Walking Past My Door bd
Shakin' in the Sixties bd

Scared s
Surprise, Surprise, Sweet Bird Of Paradox s
Steel And Glass s

Solitude sd
So Long sd
Shoeshine sd
Serve Yourself sd
Say It Again sd
Stranger's Room sd
Sally And Billy sd
She Is A Friend Of Dorothy's sd
Satire 1 - 3 sd/sw
Something Is Wrong sd
She Runs Them Round In Circles sd
Sean's " Little Help " sw
Sean's " In The Sky " sw

Sunday Bloody Sunday s ( Lennon / Ono )
Scumbag s ( Lennon / Ono / Zappa )


Ticket To Ride b
This Boy b
There's A Place b
Tomorrow Never Knows b
Tell Me Why b
The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill b
The Ballad Of John And Yoko b

The Word b
Thank You Girl b 50/50
That Means A Lot b 50/50

The End b (L/M/H/S)
12 Bar Original bi (L/M/H/S)

Tip Of My Tongue ga 50/50 ( Recorded by Tommy Quickly )

That's My Woman qn 50/50
Thinking Of Linking q 50/50
Too Bad About Sorrows b 50/50

The Bus bfi (L/M/H/S)

The Neville Club sw
'Twas A Night Like Ethel Merman sw
The Great Wok sw
The Wumberlog sw

Tight A$ s

Tennessee sd
The Boat Song sd
That's The Way The World Is sd

The Luck Of The Irish s ( Lennon / Ono )
Two Virgins 1 - 10 s ( Lennon / Ono )
Two Virgins Outtake s ( Lennon / Ono )
Two Minutes Silence s ( Lennon / Ono )


Untitled Jamming b 50/50
Untitled Improvisations b 50/50

Untitled Instrumentals s


When I Get Home b
What Goes On b
What's The New Mary Jane b

Watching Rainbows bd

Wait b 50/50
What You're Doing b 50/50
We Can Work It Out b 50/50
With A Little Help From My Friends b 50/50

Winston's Walk qni
Won't You Please Say Goodbye b 50/50

Woman s
Well Well Well s
Working Class Hero s
What You Got s
Watching The Wheels s
Whatever Gets You Thru The Night s

Woman Is The Nigger Of The World s ( Lennon / Ono )

When A Boy Meets A Girl sd
Whatever Happened To... sd
Worst Is Over sd
Watching The Flowers Grow sd

When In Doubt, F**k It sw
We Must Not Forget The General Erection sw


Yes It Is b
You Can't Do That b
You're Going To Lose That Girl b
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away b
Yer Blues b
You Know My Name, Look Up The Number b

Yellow Submarine b 50/50

Yellow Submarine bfi 50/50 ( Film Soundtrack )( Excluding George Martin's music )

You Are Here s
You Know How Hard It Is sd
You Saved My Soul, With Your True Love sd

You'll Be Mine q 50/50
Years Roll Along qn 50/50

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