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In My Life - Words and Music by John Lennon

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About Us
In My Life (Words and Music by John Lennon) is dedicated to John Lennon, the greatest songwriter of all time. The website gets its name from the title of a song written by John Lennon and released on the 1965 Beatles album 'Rubber Soul'. In My Life, is a song in the form of a long poem reminiscing on John Lennon's childhood years. The original version of the lyrics was based on a bus route Lennon used to take in Liverpool, naming various sites seen along the way, including Penny Lane. He later reworked the words, replacing the specific memories with a generalized meditation on his past.

In My Life first went online in 2003. It was originally called Picture Yourself (Words and Music by John Lennon) and was hosted by freeserve UK. After many years and many updates, In My Life has grown to be a respected site listing all John Lennon compositions, with many interesting John Lennon facts and statistics, that together, tell the story of John Lennon's life and music.

We use rare articles and John Lennon interviews to trace John's songwriting career from Liverpool to the Dakota, through his Quarrymen, Beatles, and solo music. Throughout this site, John Lennon talks about his music, his influences, and his life. This site has been extensively researched and is being continually updated.

Recommended John Lennon reading, bibliography.

Every song John Lennon wrote is here. From John's early songwriting days with the Quarrymen, through his Beatles and solo careers. Listing all his demos, the songs he co-wrote, the songs he gave away and the songs that were never released. This is the complete list of John Lennon's music. If you have any comments, additions or alterations you wish to make, please leave them on the forum.

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